Dental Staff

All of the professionals at our office maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in periodontics and implant care.

Beth A. Gold DDS, PS
After studying all of the specialized aspects of dentistry while in dental school, at the University of Maryland from 1982-1986, Dr. Gold concluded that the specialty of Periodontics and Implantology provides the foundation upon which all other dentistry is built and decided to continue her studies at the University of Pennsylvania Postdoctoral program in Periodontics. She completed her specialty training in 1988, during which time she published an article in the Compendium for Dental Education, a national journal, and carried out research in the field of regenerating bone lost form periodontal disease.

Since graduating in 1988, Dr. Gold has maintained a private practice of Periodontics and Implantology, taught as a Clinical Professor at the University of Maryland Dental School and at Shoreline Dental Hygiene School. She has also been a guest lecturer in Washington, Maryland, and internationally.

My Philosophy

“I believe that when it comes to your health, what you DON’T know can hurt you. Therefore, a very important aspect of my job it to provide information to the patients to help them choose among the many periodontal and implant treatments available which best suits their needs.”

My Vision

“My vision is to inform as many people as possible that given proper care, it is possible to keep your teeth for a lifetime. My vision is to provide a periodontal and implant practice that is warm, comforting, informative, and where patients enjoy visiting for their treatment.”

Goals for patients

“I want patients to feel nurtured, relaxed, and heard when they receive care in our office. My goal is for patients to leave here knowing that they received the best periodontal and implant care possible and they would be proud to refer friends and family to our office.”

Amir Emam DDS, MSD
Dr. Emam graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago, with his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in 1999. He had a private dental practice for 14 years. Dr. Emam came back to the Pacific NW to attend the University of Washington 3 year Postdoctoral and Masters Specialty Degree in Periodontics. Dr. Emam's experience with addressing all aspects of patient care and his commitment to always expanding his knowledge makes him a great new addition to the team.



Our hygiene team consists of a diverse group of extremely capable women. Two of our hygienists have a combined experience working with periodontal patients for over 35 years. Our newest hygiene team members bring a fresh perspective to current practices and excitement for the experience to work with a new group of patients and team members. They are each committed to their profession and eager to continually update their knowledge and skills by learning all of the newest advances in periodontal care. Each hygienist provides their unique way of taking care of the patients and what they share is their desire to make each patients’ experience a comfortable and pleasant one, with efficiency and professionalism.

Jodi - RDH
Jodi attended Dental hygiene school in Vancouver, Washington and began her career as a hygienist with Dr. Gold 28 years ago. Jodi's commitment to her profession and her abilities are obvious in her gentle, nurturing and comforting manner. Our patients' needs are Jodi's main priority and her years of experience have given Jodi a perspective of periodontal care, that makes her an invaluable part of our team.


Adela - RDH
Adela attended dental hygiene school in Yakima Washington and she has been working with Dr. Gold for 18 years. Adela has experience working in both general dental and periodontal offices which has given her a multi-dimensional perspective of general and periodontal treatment. Adela's professionalism, gentleness, competence, and caring are obvious in the way that she treats our patients and her capable hands are highly valued as part of our team.


Annie - RDH
Annie graduated from Shoreline Dental Hygiene School 6 years ago and has been with Dr. Gold for 3 years. Annie's experience working as a hygienist in general dental offices gives her an understanding and knowledge of the comprehensive care that is available for patients. Annie is a sensitive person, always with the patients' needs foremost in her mind. Annie's relaxed nature and sense of humor puts people at ease and helps to create a comfortable atmosphere for your periodontal visits.


Libby - RDH
Libby began her career in dentistry as a dental assistant in 2000. She first worked as an assistant in general dentistry and then as an oral surgery assistant for another 4 years. She decided that she wanted to further her education and went to Shoreline Community college and received her dental hygiene degree in 2017. Libby began working with Dr. Gold shortly after graduation and brings with her a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of dentistry. LIbby's great smile matches her friendly personality and her various roles in providing patient care makes her an emapthetic, conscientious hygienist.


Administrative Staff

We know that sometimes the most challenging part of periodontal and implant care is coordinating all of the treatment information and the financial aspects of helping patients to afford treatment, as well as maximizing any insurance benefits, without compromising the treatment that is needed. Therefore, the administrative staff working with Dr. Gold is comprised of professionals, each specializing in a certain aspect of patient care, so that the experience is as simple, convenient, and as “painless” as possible.

We welcome your involvement in your care so each administrative staff member has an individual e-mail address so that questions or concerns can be addressed with the click of a mouse. We also have the technical capability to send and receive digital images and encrypted communication from your dentist so that treatment information can be relayed between our offices and to insurance companies, quickly, seamlessly and protected.

Tina - Scheduling Coordinator
Tina has been working with Dr. Gold since 2006 and has been involved in the field of dentistry for over 25 years. Tina has administrative experience in both general dentistry and periodontal offices. As for scheduling coordinator, one of Tina's primary responsibilities is to communicate with our referring doctors' offices to ensure that Dr. Gold has all of the information required when meeting with our patients. Her friendly and helpful manner, as well as her exceptional organizational and capable front office skills, are what makes Tina an invaluable team member and excellent first point of contact with our office. [email protected]


Sharon - Treatment Coordinator
Sharon is a true "jack of all trades" in the field of dentistry, in which she has worked for over 30 years. She started as a dental assistant, working for 10 years in a variety of general dentistry and pediatric offices. Moving to the administrative side of dentistry, she has worked with patients in all aspects of explaining and presenting treatment plans, as well as being a tireless advocate for our patients to ensure they are able to maximize any and all available insurance benefits. Dr. Gold is committed to supporting Sharon's continuing education in the constantly changing insurance industry. What makes Sharon an invaluable asset to our patients and the office is her vast knowledge, her communication skills and her collaborative spirit in consistently helping our patients understand their treatment. [email protected]


Clinical Staff

We are aware that having periodontal treatment can be stressful and we would like to prove that it can be a positive experience in our office. The goal of Dr. Gold and all of the clinical staff in the office is to make patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible during any procedures being done. We welcome your questions and we provide detailed post-operative care instructions so that once patients leave the office they are aware of what is needed to make the healing process go smoothly. All of the clinical staff members are fun-loving, compassionate, empathetic, and mindful of our patients' comfort and needs, and are excellent at putting people at ease. Weekly patient testimonials confirm that despite their pre-operative fears, the procedures that they were dreading, turned out to be great experiences. Dr. Gold is also available by calling the office any time of day, night, or weekends and leaving a message with a real human voice, who will then contact Dr. Gold so she can return the call.

Alyse - Clinical Assistant
Alyse has been a dental assistant for 13 years, 12 of which have been working with Dr. Gold. Alyse's genuine interest and focus on patients' needs and concerns, help to comfort even the most anxious of patients. Alyse's friendliness, competence, and expertise help to reassure and educate patients about their treatment. Her dedication to the vision and goals of the office are invaluable assets to the entire team.


Rachel - Clinical Assistant
Rachel has been working as a dental assistant in the field of dentistry for over 30 years. Much of her career was in general dentistry, with the past 5 years working with Dr. Gold. Rachel's competence, experience, and knowledge of all aspects of dentistry make her a valuable asset to the patients, the Doctor and the team.. Her big smile and contagious laugh help to make people smile, which is always a good stress reliever.


Susie - Clinical Assistant
Susie has been a clinical dental assistant since 2003 and has worked in both the dental and medical fields. Susie brought her surgical assisting experience from the East Coast to work with Dr. Gold for the past 6 years. Susie's compassion and her experience working with many different types of people are reassuring and comforting. Susie is committed to supporting the patients and her fellow team members in whatever way necessary to help keep the office running smoothly.


Megan - Hygiene Assistant / Sterilization technician
Megan first came to the office as an intern for 4 months from SnoIsle Tech dental assisting class, where our team was able to see her focus, efficiency, and work ethic.  Therefore, after she graduated in 2018, Megan became part of Dr. Gold's team, helping our office to run smoothly.  She is responsible for assisting our hygienists, and keeping all of our instruments sterilized and ready for use.  Megan's loyalty and trustworthiness provides her with a quiet confidence, on which our whole team relies.